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AYL Tentative 2019 Schedule Release
by posted 09/13/2018


AYL 2019 Season Schedule: Tentative


o    AYL Baseball Schedules posted:

o    14's League ~ 2/24/19

o    9 - 14 Year Old Competitive Leagues ~ 2/24/19

o    8 Year Old Competitive Leagues ~ 3/17/19

o    6 - 13/14 Developmental League ~ 3/17/19

o    AYL Spring Blast Tournament Dates ~ 4/5/19 – 4/7/19

o    4 Game Guarantee

o    AYL AA Classic Tournament Dates ~ 5/3/19 – 5/5/19

o    3 Game Guarantee

o    14's League:

      o     Season Opener ~ 3/6/19

o    8 Games + Single Elimination Playoffs

o    14's rosters are Frozen! ~ 4/8/19

o    Season End ~ 5/2/19

o    Playoffs ~ 5/6/19 ~ 5/9/19

o    World Series ~ 5/15/19 (AAA) ~ 5/16/19 (M)

o    8 - 13 Competitive League (AAA/Majors):

      o    9 - 13 Competitive Season Opener ~ 3/5/19      

o    14  Games  + Single Elimination Playoffs (number of total games based  on schedule optimization)

      o    8 Competitive season opener  ~ 4/9/19

o    12 - 14 Games  + Single Elimination Playoffs (number of total games based  on schedule optimization)

      o    Competitive League Season End ~ 5/23/19

o    Competitive League Playoffs ~ 5/28/19 – 5/30/19

      o    Competitive League World Series: Both AAA/Majors ~ 6/4/19 ~ 6/5/19

o    Developmental League (AA): Season opener  - 4/6/19

o    Season Opener ~ 4/6/19

o    11 games + Double Elimination Playoffs

o    Developmental League Season End ~ 6/13/19

o    Developmental League Playoffs ~ 6/15/2019 – 6/23/19 

          o  (Games played during the week)

      o    Developmental League World Series:  AA ~ 6/25/19 ~ 6/26/19

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2019 Spring Season Coaches Needed
by posted 08/25/2018

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2nd Annual Bombers for Bones
by posted 07/26/2018



Thank you to all for your support and being apart of this amazing event!!! We are truly grateful and humbled for having the opportunity to be apart of this cause for one of our own athletes. To the Burgess family - stay strong! For this battle and along with your FOP family - just know you have a whole community behind you!! You are in our thoughts, and right here with you in this journey.  For the results of the derby and skills competitions, please click this link http://raptors-baseball.org/Page.asp?n=136033&org=RAPTORATHLETICSBASEBALL.

Please follow @Bombers for Bones on Facebook or www.bombersforbones.com for any other additional event information, future updates, and feel free to contact Scott and Stephanie Burgess for any questions about Caleb, FOP or the event bombersforbones@gmail.com.


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Congratulations AYL Champs & More!!
by posted 06/29/2018







Raptors Black - Coach Gensler (not pictured) AYL World Series 13AA National Runner-Up


On behalf of Scott Burgess, Jim Potter, and myself, we thank you for such a great 2018 season!!  We understand that competitive youth sports can be challenging, and at the same time very rewarding.  Contributions to a successful season on the diamond derives from all of us working together for these athletes, and this season had many great memories because of amazing and supportive parents like you.  Through many external challenges faced this year, we will continue to seek and find solutions together with the AYL board, so we can help provide each of you a successful season at this individual club level. We look forward to seeing you all back for 2019!  For our seniors, best of luck to you in your freshman season and continued future baseball goals!!


For those of you who are looking at continuing on to a fall baseball program, please continue to speak with your coach or click this link for options around the local area: http://raptors-baseball.org/Page.asp?n=125735&org=RAPTORS-BASEBALL.ORG We will be opening up the Raptors online store for jersey and hat purchases.  Store link will close on July 9th.    

AYL will also continue to keep eligibility rules the same for 2019.  We are not going grade based for 2019.  This could however change based on decisions made through a major tournament body such as USSSA in the future.  



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